How to earn income online while travel?

“Your wings already exist. All you have to do is FLY.”
Most of us were born with travel desire and eagerness to see the world around us. Our planet has a lot of places waiting for us to explore.

Wherever we travel, we learn about new cultures, make new friends and experience different food, languages and much more. However, every travel requires a certain budget, and most frequent travelers have to save a lot of money from their full-time jobs or have online work with a stable income. Honestly, I, maybe many people like me that don’t want to work work work and burn money once or twice vacations per year. I have gone thru many ideal nomad works that can make money while traveling before I get the right one for me. Here are some popular options that you may consider,


1. Teaching a language

If you study to be a language teacher, that’s the perfect choice when nowadays, everyone can teach and learn online. You can use this knowledge to earn income. In Asia, there are many nonspeaking English countries, and if your travel plans to visit places like Japan, Korea, Taiwan, or Vietnam, becoming a teacher will be highly recommended with well-paid money.


2. Writing blog

For those who love writing and sharing daily stories, you can hook up with writing work. Topics can be your travel experience, skill sets in work or life. However, to start a blog requires time, effort, and a bit of investment to build a website. Also, the flow of revenue cannot be expected to start immediately.
However, you can make an extremely decent income by starting a blog if you are passionate about sharing the places you’re going to, skills that people can apply in their work and daily life, etc. Most travelers will start with a travel blog which is quite easy to talk about your trips, people, or even promote a product for any company and get commissions as well.


3. Finding a freelance job

There are many freelance jobs in various niches that fit your field well. You can also use your skills to work in several self-employment positions.
If you study web design, marketing, designing then this option is good to go. Besides, that many travelers have great skills in photography, editing work, then there are tons of work on digital platforms like Fiverr, Upwork, etc to upload your CV and find your right clients.

4. Rent Out Your Vacation Home

If you are going to travel for a while, you can make money by leasing your own house or apartment. Another option is registering an account on Airbnb and partnering with locals to sell their vacation homes. That way you don’t need to invest and worry about cleanness.

5. Selling on online platforms

Nowadays people get the habit to buy stuff online as it’s cheap and convenient thanks to technology.
There are some good reputation platforms that you can start to create your online store like Etsy, Amazon, Shopify, eBay, etc to sell your stuff.

During your travel, you will come across many products/ services that you can think about selling online. To maximize income from that, you may need to do market research, do due diligence and invest time and money to make it in the frame and work for you in long run.

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Based on my own experience, every online work is tricky to ensure that you are in a profitable market niche. Please check the best match for you before starting it so that you can avoid wasting time and money. One thing to remember is that you must not confine yourself to just one of these opportunities, start out with one and get it going then add other revenue streams if you are able. This will grow your income and help you fall back on anything if one work starts going the wrong way.

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