Earth Day is the day to raise awareness in people to protect our planet from climate change, however, it shouldn’t be just a day but we can do everyday by planting our surroundings.

To inspire everyone make everyday as the Earth Day, I will input some shots from my work, together with some ideas of indoor plants for people living in apartments.

Working in hospitality industry and experiencing many home set up, I often advise house owners to use plants for decoration. This is the most beautiful and safe budget way to make space feel alive and pretty.


This is a homestay in Ninh Thuan, you can see no need much but look cosy and pleasant to stay for young travelers 🌿


I love water lily and I believe almost guests will enjoy starting morning coffee here ^^ from Sahi Homestay Retreat.

As a plants lover, I usually search garden coffees to go and spend hours working there instead of staying in my office. That helps me fresh my mind and make productive day.


Would you like to have a garden like this? How many people say “yes” like me? 😄 This is one of my favorite cafe garden in Hoi An. I cannot remember the name as it’s quite long, but I know how to drive there 😅 Located in front of Thu Bon riverside, it’s a chilling place and very creative drinks. I love lemon ginger here 😋


If you like recycling ideas, Tri Long coffee  should be in your list. This local coffee shop is collecting and using a lot of stuffs like no use bicycle, broken windows, pots, etc to put plants and herbs together. Coffee and yogurt here are so different and well adapted to local taste. Plus for this place, it’s the view of a endless field with white birds flying around.

Back to our hotel kitchen, Bridges Danang, we take almost indoor plants which doesn’t need much sun light and more than that we can use for cooking. They are fresh kitchen herbs like rosemary, thyme, mint, sage which easily plant and take care of. We spray a bit water and do sunbath for them every morning. Someone said to me “plants have soul as well, talk to them and they will be happy to grow” 😘


You know these little plants are so powerful! They prevent you from mosquitos and fresh the air.



Our meal can’t miss them 💚

Planting’s never a hard work for me, it calms me down and help me relax. I hope that can be the same for you too.
Much 💚 from little 🐎


Happy Plants- Happy Planet

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