Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2022

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As you often hear… time is flying, we are getting older, only the memories will always be there. Christmas Eve is an opportunity for us to cherish every moment, embrace the love-filled with love, and have beautiful memories to forever mark in our hearts.


Xmas at Risemount Resort Danang

When December comes, the weather is getting colder and it is also the time when the Christmas atmosphere comes again and lights up a shimmering candle to warm people’s hearts. For me, Christmas is the most cheerful and exciting time! The atmosphere is joyful, magical lights cover everywhere, stretching on each street. Every time Christmas comes, my heart is extremely excited, I always look forward to the most beautiful and meaningful things in this great holiday.


Lovely time with live music at Cloud Garden
Xmas at Danang Boutique Hotel
Xmas in the air… I love this lovely bar

Walking along the streets, we can easily feel the bustling and jubilant atmosphere of Christmas. All stores are shimmering with lights with attractive and eye-catching decorative designs. The palm tree is a symbol of Christmas appearing everywhere, shining like in a fairy tale. Christmas music is played everywhere – traditional and famous Christmas songs go into people’s hearts: “Jingle bells, Jingle bells, Jingle all the way”, “We wish you a Merry Christmas”,… Busy passers-by, streets full of laughter. My emotions surged again when I saw that scene, the bustling scene aroused the full vitality in my heart.


A local coffee shop where I used as a working space. They have lovely and unique Xmas tree 🙂


Xmas with mates along Helio Center


Xmas at Golden Bay Hotel

Christmas is here and now, I feel something special – optimism, love of life as if covering the whole day. Everything around me is seen with positive eyes, shining with rays of light that lead people into a magical dream with countless beautiful things. Christmas is the day of “Happy birth”; Therefore, it brings to me the memory of a very ancient and magnificent space. God is a person who brings happiness and gives blessings to people; is the embodiment of luck, the best. So, every time Christmas comes, everyone wishes their long-time wish to come true and I am no exception. Those can be tangible gifts, but they can also be meaningful cherished intangible gifts, everyone will receive their gift in some magical way. I believe so!


Xmas with my dear friend in town


Christmas is a wonderful human gift that no superpower can take away. Those beautiful images will remain in my heart forever, even though Christmas is over after the weekend. That is the day when no one cares about the trifles of life, throw away the troubles outside the other door, and enter a world of only happiness and forgiveness.

                                            Thanking for stopping by and Have the Warmest Holiday                              

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