Normally people think that pallets are cheap wood and are only used for the purposes of packaging in logistics, and then thrown away… this is understandable because, in daily life, we still use them like that.


However, pallet wood actually is always well cleaned before use. Today I will share some interior ideas to use pallets more creatively. These interiors are being widely used in our family’s daily life such as beds, cabinets, shelves, bookshelves, etc. All are made from pallet wood. After going thru this post, I believe you can completely create your own very aesthetic products for your home,


Pallet Bed
Every living space needs at least one bed, so why not try creating your own style bed? For those of you who like to be simple and quick, you just need to put a few pallet frames together, it’s easy and cheap 😉 And many others who want a more artistic bed, you can make a plan, grind, cut, fold, and shorten it a bit (like the picture, it’s beautiful isn’t it? ^^)


Shelves & sofa
Simply, just split the wooden pallet, plan, and put it back together, and you will have a super cute bookshelf or a very sturdy outdoor #chill tree shelf or chair. If you want to be more sophisticated, you can think of trying a sofa for your home. It’s not as difficult as you think. Sometimes I like to color this natural pine wood with vintage color as well. This color goes very well with indoor space, together with other home decor stuff like linen, cushion, plants, etc. There is a lot of good stuff made from pallets on Pinterest which helps you a lot in finding some simple and suitable interior designs for your living area. It is also a channel for many architects to share and find ideas. You can buy pallet wood from factories/warehouses near your house. If you are in Da Nang, you can inbox me for addresses where to buy and how to do it.


This is my small coffee shop where I have mainly used pallets for decoration

Wine and glass racks

In order to tidy up your house with small items, we can create these beautiful little shelves in your living room or entertainment space. I am a wine lover, one scrolling on Pinterest, I came across a smart shelf, very simple with a few original pallets, cut and reassembled, and immediately got a super pretty wine rack ^^. Besides that, I can also put plants, books and small decorations, very suitable in the corner of the kitchen, living room, reading room, even right next to the bed if you live in a studio. Multifunction too right? ^^


Obviously, I ran out of wine so have to use my shelf for plants only 😂

Small beautiful garden

For those of you who live in an apartment or in an urban area, it is often limited because there is not enough green space, creating a small garden right on the wall or the corner of the door (where there is a lot of light) is not how difficult.


These are the spices corners that I put in the kitchen space of Bridges Danang Hotel, beautiful and green, enough to provide spices for our daily breakfast ^^



Thousands of beautiful furniture ideas from pallets that you can apply right away in your living and working space, both cheap, creative, and very eco-friendly. So why not use this abundant source of material at an extremely low cost?

It’s not the first time I share some simple designs by re-using pallets for home decoration.  Please feel free to share your ideas and products so that we can learn from each other too.

Thank you and Much Love💚

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