Today looking back to some travel photos, I realized that many photos were taken at Khe Ram stream but I haven’t yet shared anything about this place. I believe some Hive friends here used to write about this stream, but let’s see how it looks like from my view 😉


Where is the Khe Ram?
Located in An Dinh village, Hoa Vang, Khe Ram is becoming more and more popular for young Vietnamese people to visit in the summertime. It takes about one hour from Danang city center. You can take a car or scooter along Cu De river, which is a very green and beautiful road up to the stream.


Scenery taken at a small hill on the way


Some people even took bicycles there. This is a group that we met yesterday

Why is Khe Ram attractive?


Pure water isn’t it?

I must say it’s one of my favorite places which keeps me coming back many times. The stream is still new to tourists which almost only local people know. The beauty of Kha Ram is the nature there, clear water, small/ big rocks, and green nature look very lively and in harmony. It well matches adventurous people who love to explore in little trails.



With a space of over 45 hectares, people can freely play, swim and have fun together with family and friends without concerning about disturbing others.
This place is actually a valley of Bach Ma National Park and Ba Na Hill. The beauty of Khe Ram is formed from all-mountain ranges with an average altitude of 200 meters above sea level, combined with rivers and streams creating beautiful landscapes and fresh primeval forests.
If you come here, the first thing that you will immediately fall in love with is the charm and majestic scenery of clear water and green mountain. The sunlight reflecting down the sparkling stream will make the space more gorgeous than ever.


What can you do there?
Of course, swimming is the first thing to do when going to a stream 😉 besides that, you can go soft trek and mountain climb if you want to experience adventure activities on your own.


I highly recommend you to prepare food and drinks before coming there as there is nothing that you can buy there so far. A small picnic with bread, sandwiches, some fruits, water will be easy to prepare. And if you go with your family or friends, you can organize a bbq if you love it, it will be a nice experience of soft survival idea with making fire from nature tools 😉


Indeed, Kha Ram is a wonderful place for those who love new experiences in nature or family time to get out of hustle city life and deep dive into cool water and recharge for the new week. It’s not far from Danang city, therefore, you can go and back on the same day.
Thanks to my online work, I am going to find a house nearby the stream next year, and call all my new business partners to spend their staycation at my place while getting training with me. That’s will be done by June 2022. I marked this date on my calendar and will share it with my Hive friends soon. So excited about that ^^
Thank you for reading and have a please week wherever you are 💚

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