Summer is coming all around Vietnam and Moc Chau is calling me for a plum season…


It was my last trip to Moc Chau with my dear guest, Maryse. At that time I didn’t have much money to buy a camera and all I had was my little Xaomi phone😅.

Let me share a bit for those who don’t know where Moc Chau. It is a tourist destination that located in the north of Vietnam. It’s only a city of Son La province, however, it’s a mountain town and quite large to move around on walk. There are many attractions to explore like tea platation, plum hills, waterfalls, palm forests, and local ethnic houses.


On the arrival day, we stayed near a stream with a suspender bridge which have a lot of local wooden houses. We chose one of them on Booking and satisfied with that.


The host was super friendly and has a car to take us around Dai Yem waterfall. We did trekking together and took bunch of photo in palm forest with farmers there. During the trip, he shared with us a lot of local legends and his life experinece when just moved there (he was not originally born there. In the evening, we did fire together with the host and enjoyed family food with them. The wife cooked very well and they let us tasted corn acohol (local volka)




This is huge Dai Yem waterfall which has hight from 150m – 200m, deivided into two branches with flat ground in the middle for people able to walk thru. The best time to visit this stunning waterfall is during raining season from April to September, luckily, we was at right time😍

It was hard to say goodbye them, even though we just met, I felt like a member of their family, they took care of us very well and even still kept helo us moving to new homestay. If we had longer vacation, we definitely stayed longer.


The second day in Moc Chau, we stayed in another homestay on tea farms. From our room, we got a magnificent view of the farm. The place is just simple, not fancy at all but the family are also super friendly and helpful. For us, that’s the most important thing to make the trip memorable.
After checking in, we started trekking surrounding the tea plantation. We was perfect time for us to arrive there in the afternoon before the sunset.

The sunset on Moc Chau tea plantation
A little house on top of hill was our homestay, in the morning time, we did a “small” trekking around the village of 50 households. The local here have habit to drink tea instad of coffee when they get up. We did enjoy tea with farmers and the 360 panorama view of their plantation.



We met some farmers on the way and could learn how to collect tea leaves and plums with them.

Staying in Moc Chau for 3 days only but it was fantastic experience. All those was thanks to local people that we met. They were purely rich in smiles and hospitality all time. We will come back again after covid ^^

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