Danang Signature Bridges


Danang is well known as a city of bridges with different beauties, only in between the Han river, at least, 5 gorgeous bridges have become famous all over the world, such as Golden Hands Bridges, Dragon bridge, Thuan Phuoc bridge, etc. They are the signature bridges and tourist attractions for almost all travelers once coming to Danang.

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Golden Hands Bridge

It’s a newbie bridge standing over 1400 meters above sea level on Ba Na Hill. The thing that amazed people is 2 giant hands holding up the bridge. Everybody thought that the hands were made from stone but actually not.


“We designed the skeleton of the hands and covered them with steel meshes, then we finished with fiberglass and added the theming on it” Sun Group spokesman said,src – [Pixabay]

To get to Golden Hand Bridge, everyone will get experience with the highest and longest cable car which takes around 45 minutes to go over mountains and beautiful nature below. As a tourist destination, it will cost you about 30 USD/ person as an entrance fee to Ba Na complex.

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Despite the look of a thousand years ago, the bridge just launched in 2018, still very newbie compared with other famous bridges in Danang, however, it quickly became viral around the world, thanks to incredible images posted by travelers online.

Dragon Bridge

This bridge is not only a great connection for the economic growth of the city but also a must-see tourist destination. This bridge was constructed over the Han river in 2009 and officially launched in 2013. It’s an impressive architecture and of special significance, since the idea comes from the Asian powerful dragon symbol, and to make it more majestic, the dragon could change colors and give fire, as well as water as a show for travelers on the weekend.


About the size, the dragon bridge is 37.5m wide, 666m long, and has 6 lanes for traffic. This bridge is very important for economic growth while connecting the city airport with other cities, and the center to the beach. Everybody loves this bridge because of its dynamic appearance during the day and night time.


Every weekend (before covid) people are not allowed to drive on the bridges from 8:50 pm – 9:10 pm and at that time, you could take a break to enjoy an amazing show called Fire and Water performance for 15 minutes. There are many bars, coffee shops, sidewalks alongside to serve you the best show experience, however, don’t stand in front of the dragon head if you don’t want to get a shower.

Thuan Phuoc Bridge

Built-in 2003 and finished in 2009, Thuan Phuoc is one of the longest cable-stayed bridges. Among many emerging and famous tourist attractions in the city, this bridge still has a very strong foothold since it was inaugurated to serve local people in fishing life and logistics.


Many people said that it looks like Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco.

The location of this bridge is very special. It’s the end of the Han River and the beginning of Danang Bay. If you look on the map, you will see it laid at the junction. One way to the romantic river, one direction to the immense sea and the other is Son Tra peninsula. It plays an important part in transportation between the city center and other provinces.


As a result, the routes between 2 famous cities in Vietnam from Hue to Danang and the key tourist route Hoi An – Son Tra are much more convenient than before, that cannot be denied that the success of the city nowadays has a huge contribution from this cable-stayed bridges.

One more plus for these bridges is the beautiful place to get the sunset over the river and mountains. What a tuning painting picture in reality is! Recently it’s becoming a hotspot for young people to check-in in the afternoon.


The sundown from the Han river bank

These uniquely designed bridges in Danang contribute not only to the economic development of the city but also become the must-see places together with other destinations if you are traveling around the center of Vietnam. Thank you for reading and have a meaningful trip with your family and friends. ☘️

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