As many people get to know my city (Danang, Vietnam) Today I will share you a “cool” place near Ba Na Hill to escape when you feel tired with your life in town. My “adopted sister called it as “an escaping land from “Human’s world” 😆 Coming here, you have nothing to enjoy but the beautiful nature with green farms, palm trees everywhere, a little spring with pretty stones, and a cosy hut hiding inside an Areca garden. That will be the place where you want to stay at the first sign 😍


Where is located

30 km driving away from the city center, you will find this place which we called Tree House – thank you @pinmapple 😘
On map, they called as “Canon’s house” but doesn’t matter ^^ just think about how you get there and your feelings when climb up on the tree house ^^




So cool feeling I must said! You will deeply dive into nature 🌿

How to get there

As you can see from the picture, we get there by scooters. If you go by car, it’s possible too, however, you cannot get into hidden gems which are almost in small alleys🛵



What you can do

Main reason to escape from “human’s world” is to heal your soul by connecting with nature. You can do trekking, cycling, reading books, meditation, etc. Many things you will find out and enjoy it. Many plants and fruits that you can collect on the way and do BBQ together like us.


Look great right! I am sure you will fall in love with this heaven land. Life is short, just go fun when you can 😘
Thank you for reading and See ya in the next post,

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