Even before the pandemic, remote working has become a revolutionary shift that continues to challenge the efficiency and effectiveness of on-site work setup.

Now that the world has resorted to a virtually-fitting solution, more and more entrepreneurs are looking into digital franchising.

Much like popular franchises such as fast food chains like McDonalds, Ace Hardware Corporation, and 7-Eleven, digital franchising doesn’t stray away from the fundamental mechanisms of how it functions.

The only difference is instead of providing tangible products, you offer digital services like marketing, website, revenue management systems and more.

Because remote working is taking on the world by storm and entrepreneurs are looking into the profitable applications of a digital franchise, we’re going to look at why digital franchises are successful business models (and why it’s probably going to be a digital frontier for the many years to come!)

via Pexels

via Pexels

  • Increased Productivity Levels

    For business owners, productivity means having more income. Numerous researches have concluded that remote working increases productivity levels (depending on the industry)and will probably be a default set-up even post-pandemic.

    As long as there is a dedicated space for work, integrated communication channels, and an organized work schedule, an employee gets his work done away from the typical office distractions.

  • Save Expenditures Allocated for Overhead Costs

    A digital franchise doesn’t need a newly-built building or renting an office space fit to accommodate fifteen to twenty workers to function. A dedicated home area or even a co-working space enough to accommodate your working demands are ideal to get the business running.

    As such, the company’s profit margin will significantly increase because these overhead costs are outright eradicated. What’s more, your team members will also save money from not spending on public transport, office wardrobes, fancy coffees and delivered lunches.

  • Vast Skill and Talent Pool

    One of the greatest things about a digital franchise is its broad reach. Not only in terms of marketing, but for HR possibilities as well. You can discover skills and talents not only in your local area but in other countries, too. What’s more, studies have suggested that remote set-ups improve staff retention rate and say goodbye to absenteeism!

  • Work-Life Balance

    An average employee commutes 27 minutes (one-way) to go to their respective workplaces. Imagine how much of your personal tasks can be accomplished in that 30 minutes!

    At the same time, employees are finding themselves doing overtime or being pressured to stay late at work to finish all of their tasks that leads to a stressful and unfulfilling day away from your loved ones and family With digital franchising, you’re not only making more time for yourself but for your employees as well.

  • Industry Security

    Let’s face it, this pandemic surely challenged the way we look at traditional work setups and has resulted to a massive innovation that we all can partake in. When you commit to a digital franchise, you secure yourself from health and economic risks. You can safeguard your physical assets (because you virtually have none), you minimize the risks of transmission as protection against diseases and you don’t have to worry about the aftermath of a natural disaster to your business.

With the help of a digital franchise, you can function remotely and you can sustain your operations during tough times. Ready to level up your digital franchise? Do it with Babel! We offer comprehensive, affordable and locally-targeted services to make the most for your business.

Thank you for sharing, Luciana 🙂

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