Summer always gets me out of the bed since early morning to enjoy the sunshine. Today is the same and also reminded me about my trekking day with some friends on Hai Van Pass last month. It’s so great feeling to enjoy the beauty of nature on the mountainside.

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The sunrise on Hai Van Pass

Short description about this famous pass for those who don’t know and haven’t been to Vietnam. Hai Van is one of the most magnificent and highest (500m above sea level) hillsides roads in our country. It’s an impressive landscape with one side of nature mountains and another side facing the sea. Wherever you go through Hai Van pass, two feelings will be experienced, amazed by the cloud pass and a bit scared while making turns on all curves with dangerous bends protected from the ocean.


The most thrilling part where many people stop by to take pictures and traffic are also crazily trapped




Basically, Hai Van pass is a border between the North and the Sound of Vietnam. There is a billboard built by the French to mention Hue and Danang border with a rich historic story there. The gate facing Hue is called “Hai Van Quan ” which looks like an entrance of an ancient citadel with solid brick structures. After time, it’s starting to be ruined a part, the remaining constructions are covered by green moss, plants, and trees. However, its past still looks lively when visiting here. The other gate looking down to Danang is carved as “the most majestic gateway in the world”. That’s why many tourists love taking thousands of photos here.


Van Village – a great place for camping.


Hai Van Gate

The most impressive thing about this pass is the sense of isolation you feel when driving further. You rarely see houses along the way, only an unbroken road cut through a massive mountain range. Alongside, there are only green trees in harmony with the blue ocean thanks to the sunny weather, which makes the beauty of Hai Van more stunning.



The journey to Hai Van Pass will satisfy your desire to conquer the peaks and remind you of the glorious past of the Vietnam Wars. In addition, you will be able to enjoy both the sunrise and sunset along the way. The best memorable moments will be together with your friends, climbing a bit upon palm hills or trekking down to the little Van village and have a night in nature, in the end, I am sure you will say “Epic road, Epic views, Epic fun!!!


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