Villa Louise Hue Beach Boutique Resort
A charming hidden gem resort located 15km from Hue center, Villa Louise Hue offers great hospitality and a peaceful retreat. It’s a private beach with 25 minutes driving out of the center. Staying here, you will have chance to experience ancient architecture with French-inspired design, detail in each corner, and three gorgeous swimming in and outdoor. The resort was laid on 5,5 heaters land with panoramic ocean view and beachfront access. They don’t have many rooms, however, all rooms have luxurious touch live jacuzzi, smart TV, AC, etc. Besides their own beauties, there are many attractions nearby like Tam Giang lagoon which is one of the biggest lagoons in South East Asia, An Bang ghost city has a huge size of “housing tombs” with special decorations and many local features surroundings.

One of their outdoor pool


Way to another infinity pool near the beach


This pool welcomes daily guests as well. You can buy a voucher for around 4.5 USD/ person.

The beach is one of the most significant of the resort, so clean and deep blue color.


Their decoration was so rustic and eco-friendly.

For those who don’t intend to stay here, you still can come during day time by buying food and drink vouchers at the entrance. You can access their private beach and bar. The menu was a various and reasonable price, the bill will be deducted with your 4.5 USD voucher and the rest, you can pay by cash or credit card if spending more than the value of the voucher.


Coming here, you could do your own entertainment as well, like taking your own instruments and do team-building here. For more information, you can contact them via their site, it will not take long to receive an answer. There is a really good rate during this covid time for locals.



An Bang Ghost City – a colorful and luxurious place for ancestors and even future family members to rest. Each cemetery is worth fifty thousand USD built by Vietnamese overseas people. To understand more about this unique place, you can check via origin Vietnam.

Screen Shot 2021-07-07 at 4.26.43 PM.png

I must say it’s a very interesting station for young people who love #checkin in wild style nature. I met the owner by chance when passing by here last summer. At first, I was so surprised by his “hippie” style and young age but an adult mindset. He told me his story of why he didn’t move to the State with his family and how he made this coffee shop on his own. It was really inspiring me.


Boai is his name, he said to me that his mother named him “Boy actually

The drink menu is very cheap, starting from 10,000 VNĐ (even not 0.5 USD)


Beach view from the coffee



Previously, the resort was named Ana Mandara Hue Beach Resort, which is located in a landscaped garden. In front of the resort, there is a 400m-long white sand beach, with luxurious space, a large outdoor swimming pool, spa pavilions floating on a beautiful pond, creating a peaceful space for those who want to chill out and get away from hustle and bustle city. Personally, I had drinks here only, however, I could visit their room and got exceptional hospitality care from their reception team. Hopefully, there is another chance to come back there after lockdown.

There are many majestic destinations in Hue that cannot be counted here. And this small part is only 25 minutes away from the imperial city. You must travel here once and experience it on your own. We hope to welcome you to our beautiful country soon.


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