When the sun has gone down, it is the best time to enjoy the sunset. The ocean is coming dark orange and the adventure is begin. It’s time to experience the exciting moment with night squid fishing activities.


The sunset is always magical! Despite short time, I am still willing to chase it 🧡🛵🏃‍♀️


If anybody asks me where it’s the best place to see the sundown in Danang, I will definitely recommend you to take a local boat and go to the back side of Son Tra peninsula. It’s not easy to reach there by others vehicle, that’s why I think it’s the best place to have full experience.


When I have free time, I often take a boat trip to go fishing with local men. It’s so much fun and great experience. After enjoying the sunset, we start to prepare our work on squid fishing.


Fishermen said to me that it’s easy to catch squid in the evening when the sky falls and the boat lights will be funtionable to attract squids to come. Each of us will be prepared one rob and everyone starts focus on fishing. As a result, we get some food at the end of the trip and make BBQ together.




Time to have rest ^^

Squid fishing is great experience for those love advendture trips and connect with local life. If you travel along coastline in Vietnam, don’t miss this tour to fill full your vacation.

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