10 Things To Do When Exploring Ha Giang Loop

Ha Giang, Vietnam is stunning in every season. This borderland has a very rich culture, majestic scenery, and beautiful locals who live simply and willing to help you out, even can’t speak your language. These days, many friends of mine keep asking me about the destination so I would love to write some recommendations that may be good for those in our Hive community who are planning to visit there. Here are 10 things that anyone visiting Ha Giang should experience. I also compiled from some advice and experiences of many travelers on Vietnam local forums.


  1. Ride up to on Ma Pi Leng pass, Lung Cu flagpole and watch the sunset and sunrise. You will experiment with the magical moments of natural beauty here. When I was there, I didn’t have a proper camera so all pictures were taken with my phone, my amateur skill may ruin the real beauty, haha, but I did enjoy the most beautiful shining moments there.






2. Ha Giang is always beautiful in the different seasons but I think flowers time is the best. Triangel flowers will be around October and November, Cherry Blossom, apricot, buckwheat, wild sunflowers will be from January to March. The temperature is a bit cold at 10-15 degree Celsius which help such flowers grow well there. If you come during that time, you may see all mountainsides turning into flower colors.





3. Every local traveler has heard about Nho Que River once, not only beautiful green view from the top but also so cool experience take a local boat trip through Tu San gorge. it is well-known as the deepest canyon in the SEA, definitely listed as one of the most unique attractions in Vietnam. If you love taking pictures, I can be sure it is one of the most “catchy virtual life” in Ha Giang and Vietnam 🙂



4. If you love trekking, don’t miss to conquer landmark No. 397. This is a border between Vietnam – China border, in Xeo Lung village, Lung Cu commune, Dong Van district. Besides that, there is another place that you should miss out on, it is landmark number 0 (or Km number 0) on Nguyen Trai street, in the city center of Ha Giang city. This is the main route that you will pass before exploring other tourist attractions of the province such as stone plateau, flagpole, Ma Pi Leng pass, Quan Ba ​​twin mountain, etc.



5. Are you motorbike lovers? If yes, don’t miss the trail through dangerous and breathtaking passes, one of which is the great peak of Ma Pi Leng pass (mean like horse’s nose). Tham Ma slope is the best place for those who are passionate about backpacking to achieve.




6. Visit Yen Minh, where the Lo Lo Den and Mong ethnic groups are living. This is a popular village with many good infrastructure and services, eligible to welcome tourists. Life standard here starts changing since there were more tourists coming. Good for local people to present their culture and interact with international travelers.



7. Visit Pao’s house in Sung La valley. This is the old house of the Mong people, where they shot a movie named Pao’s story. It was built with a shape of U, two-floor,s and a courtyard in the middle. I remember when I was there, there was a picture of the actor (Pao) on the way to the main house. Moreover, the Vuong house is not far from there, you ‘t miss the chance to hear about Meo King’s life story and the stunning architecture of a powerful Ethnic Empire in the past. For more information, you can check here.




8. Weekend markets in Quan Ba, Yen Minh, Dong Van, Meo Vac are highly recommended too, especially the Khau Vai love market on March 27 of the lunar calendar or Xin Cai border market. I was lucky to visit there during Lunar New Year and experience almost all the local markets around Ha Giang. I must say New year is the best time to travel here, the locals celebrate it all three months from January to March, therefore, you have time to make your plan 😉


9. Dong Van is no more strange for travelers who plan to visit Ha Giang. There are many activities that you can do here, just like go to the night market, taste jungle honey, and sip a cup of hot strong triangle coffee on a cold winter night. One thing to notice is that daytime can be sunny there but at nighttime, the temperature turns down a lot, so having a warm jacket plus a hot honey tea is so great in the evening or early morning.



10. Check-in a truck coffee on the top of the mountain, It’s named Nui Cam coffee, very close to Ha Giang center. You can ask locals to show you the way to get there.




Have a great trip there and thank you for reading 💚

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